Training Group Info and Agreement

•The training groups meet once per month for 3 hours, with each training session divided into 3 sections:

–1 hour lecture-
–1 hour experiential
–1 hour video presentation showing trainees’ CIMBS work with clients (20 min. each trainee)

Beginning trainees who have not attended two weekend workshops will not be required to show video.

•There are three training group courses offered in the Fall and the Spring:

–Fall Course: September – January, 2022 (4 meetings)

Group 1 meets morning of
Sep 10, Oct 8, Dec 10 and Jan 14
9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Group 2 meets morning of
Sep 11, Oct 9, Dec 11 and Jan 15
9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Group 3 meets afternoon of
Sep 10, Oct 8, Dec 10 and Jan 14
1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

–Spring Course: February – June, 2022 (5 meetings)
Specific meeting dates and times for Spring Course TBD.

•The Fall Training Course has been approved for 15 Continuing Education (CE) units.

•Each group typically has 4-6 participants.

•Cost for the Fall Training Course is $520 per course, (4 meetings).

•Cost for the Spring Training Course is $650 per course, (5 meetings).

•Groups are led by Dr. Albert (Terry) Sheldon, Psychiatrist.



•When you sign up for each module we ask that you commit to attend training every month. I understand that I am expected to pay for all groups for that course, including groups that I may miss and I am not able to make up during that course.

•Payment is expected at the start of the course and be made out to Terry Sheldon. You can pay in one lump sum of $650 or several postdated checks. Checks can be brought to Terry at the first meeting.