Albert (Terry) Sheldon M.D.

ALBERT SHELDON, MD, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Washington, Seattle, has specialized in the research, practice, and training of psychotherapy for 35 years.  Dr Sheldon received a Bush Medical Fellowship to study psychotherapeutic processes from a psychophysiological perspective. The development of the CIMBS paradigm is a result of the Sheldon’s research and teaching experiential psychotherapy to clinicians throughout North America and Europe.  

Beatriz Sheldon MEd.Psych.

BEATRIZ SHELDON, M.Ed, Psych. has practiced psychotherapy for forty years in four languages.  Ms Sheldon received specialized post-graduate training in short-term dynamic psychotherapy at McGill Univeristy in Montreal, Canada. Director of a psychotherapy training program for advanced clinicians in Vancouver, Canada. She and Albert have researched and taught psychotherapy together for 20 years.