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If you are new to CIMBS our online trainings are a great place to get started!  Each online training contains over 5 hours of content recorded during one of our previous in person workshops.  Each online training covers the basic principles and practices of CIMBS as well as the specific title topic using interactive exercises, recordings of actual clinical sessions, and therapy demonstrations.  They can be viewed in any order and each is appropriate for a true beginner.

Each training costs $120.  After purchasing your training you will receive an email within a few business days including streaming instructions and the slides for all presentations made during the training.  All video trainings are eligible for 5 hours of Continuing Education Credit (CEUs) by completing a short post-course test.  For questions please contact us.

Discovering the Wisdom and Power of Primary Process Emotions

 When our patients first come to us they often feel anxious, depressed, confused, overwhelmed, discouraged, and demoralized. This course has been designed to help you discover and activate underlying nonconscious emotional resources that can bring new life into your sessions and new life into your patients. In the past 30 years, neuroscience has begun to provide us evidence and explanations about seven distinct nonconscious emotional brain systems that provide most of the energy and wisdom in our emotional lives.  This course will bring those seven nonconscious systems into the light so that you can begin to see, access, and activate those emotional resources in your patients. Even with your most challenging patients activating, differentiating, linking, and integrating these underlying primary process emotional brain systems will enhance your therapy. More information on the course

Recorded Spring 2018

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Differentiation and Integration:  Getting Unstuck Working with Highly Anxious Patients

We all have treatments where we feel stuck or stymied.  Often feeling stuck or stymied comes when we are working with patients with severely dysregulated anxiety and/or compulsive symptoms.  This course is designed to help you discover the underlying emotional patterns in your patients that give rise to these symptoms, as well as help you identify your own underlying emotional resources that can help you take charge of your own responses and reactions to the patient’s anxiety.  Specifically, this course will help you cultivate a “beginner’s mind” so that you may develop deeper trust in yourself, the therapeutic process, and your patients allowing you to approach every symptom and phenomena with fascination and curiosity. Ultimately, you can invite you patients into a similar nonconscious emotional balance enabling them to get unstuck inside themselves. More information on the course

Recorded Fall 2017

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Core Consciousness and Treatment Resistant Depression

In this course, we will carefully and pragmatically explore the most central aspects of Core Consciousness namely: Awareness, Attention, Authority, Autonomy and Agency.  With this knowledge, the participants will learn how to activate primary nonconscious emotional brain systems to enable their patients to have access to their own ‘Affective Consciousness.’ In the second half of the course, we will utilize this learning to focus on the challenges of working with treatment resistant depression.  Neuro-research tells us that the brains of depressed patients have low secretions of endogenous dopamine and opioids interfering with their motivation and decision-making as well as the adaptive reward circuitry in the brain.  This portion of the course will help the participants learn how to activate and reinforce six dopamine circuits in the nervous system of their patients that can counteract the negative effects of depression in the moment and beyond. More information on the course

Recorded Spring 2017

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PsychoPhysiological Phenomena

We have observed that more than 80% of what is happening in psychotherapy is a function of nonconscious emotional activations and processing.  This course will utilize the perspective of PsychoPhysiology to bring to light the nonconscious emotions and nonconscious emotional activations that are dynamically present in the patient’s mind at all times.  PsychoPhysiology looks at the way emotional and psychological activations produce physiological responses, such as tone and volume of the voice, breathing patterns, eye contact, physical movements, etc.  Through this course we hope that each participant will learn how to utilize a PsychoPhysiologic Perspective in their assessments of the mental functioning of their patient/clients, how to observe subtle and not so subtle PsychoPhysiological shifts that alert them to opportunities for new learning and neuroplasticity, and how PsychoPhysiologic phenomena provide evidence and give them immediate feedback on the benefit/impact of their therapeutic interventions.

Recorded Fall 2016

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Therapeutic Attachment Relationship

The therapeutic alliance is a major factor in the success of Psychotherapy.  This course is intended to inspire and train experienced therapists in new ways to utilize the Therapeutic Attachment Relationship in clinical practice.  We will also teach the participants how to discern aspects of the therapeutic relationship that are usually unconscious and invisible to the untrained eye.  It is our hope that through this course each participant will learn how to utilize the activation energy of the therapeutic relationship to override the patient/client’s avoidant tendencies, such as fear, shame or depression, how to differentiate the bottom up from the top-down experience of the therapeutic relationship, and how to utilize the therapeutic relationship to activate neurotransmitters to facilitate long-term changes in therapy. More information on the course

Recorded Spring 2016

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Transpiring Present Moment in Psychotherapy

There are many features about CIMBS that make it an especially unique, effective and efficient therapeutic paradigm.  The one feature that has the biggest impact on therapists we have trained is learning to work in the Transpiring Present Moment, or the evolving experience of the here and now that is without or beyond words.  During this training course participants will learn what we mean by the Transpiring Present Moment in the therapeutic process, what PsychoPhysiological Phenomena alert us to unique activations that are unfolding in the Present Moment, and how to help your patient stay in this space by interrupting implicit patterns that will take them out of the Transpiring Present Moment.

Recorded in 2015

This course is also available as a 3 DVD set.  Please contact us if you would like to purchase a DVD.

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Nonconscious Anxiety and Shame

After looking at thousands of hours of video recordings of psychotherapy sessions over the past 20 years, we have observed that the most frequent challenges/difficulties to the therapeutic process are the presence of Nonconscious Anxiety and Shame. The two primary goals for this presentation are to help the participants to be able to detect and discern these ‘invisible’ phenomena, and then to learn how to do therapy to the Nonconscious Anxiety and Shame.

Recorded in 2014

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Additional Online Training Opportunities

In collaboration with Dr. Jess Bolton and, Terry and Beatriz Sheldon have created three additional experiential online courses on CIMBS.

Brief descriptions for each of these courses are below.  More information on these courses can be found on the Emotional Systems website via this LINK.

Disentangled: a video journey of a client in session with five different therapists

The depth of the model is shown in this remarkable course. A unique opportunity to witness one client’s real therapeutic journey with four master therapists and a CIMBS novice. Transcripts of all sessions are provided, as well as commentary and reflection from client and therapist (these are being released gradually in 2019 and 2020). Seeing master therapists in action is a privilege which is unfortunately rarely available, but here you can peruse at your leisure.

Initial Directed Activation Course

A course focused on the remarkable way that CIMBS sessions begin. This purposeful and deliberate activation of client’s brain systems is demonstrated, taught and discussed in detail by CIMBS creators Terry and Beatriz Sheldon. We use a variety of practice exercises to ensure that you finish the course with new skills and capability.

Therapeutic Attachment Relationship Course

Sharing presentations about CIMBS by the Sheldons and much more, this course is designed to help you learn innovative ways to be even more authentic, emotionally present and attuned with your clients. We share experiential exercises that bring your learning to life and ensure you can make immediate use of the skills you are developing.