CIMBS™ For Patients

“The power of active mental processes like attention and will; will redirect thoughts and actions in a way that is detectable in brain scans.“

Jeffrey M. Schwartz MD, Neuroscientist

“Self- directed neuroplasticity is a reality”

Allan Shore PhD., Neuroscientist

We are the therapists people turn to when they have not been able to achieve their goals or objectives with any other therapeutic approach.

Each of us has over 30 years of experience as practicing therapists.

For the past 8 years we have developed a different psychotherapy paradigm that works more effectively and more efficiently than anything we have observed previously. This approach has proven effective with a wide variety of patients and symptoms.

Because of the positive energy and uniqueness of our therapeutic approach, other clinicians and therapists seek us out for their own personal therapy.

Therapeutic approach: The approach we utilize works with a different therapeutic paradigm and at a different levels of the nervous system and brain. That is what potentiates its effectiveness and efficiency.

‘”What does it look like?” This therapeutic approach is a collaborative journey of exploration to discover how ‘things work’ inside your brain. We sit together facing each other and work to uncover aspects of yourself that you would be unable to access without the collaborative relationship that we will develop together.

What we seek to accomplish in psychotherapy is to collaboratively focus your mind’s potential, and our shared connection to activate different Brain Systems. We can then differentiate one brain system from another, strengthen each of the Brain Systems and neural circuits that are ‘off line’, and access the energy and intelligence of differentiated Brain Systems. Then we can integrate these Brain Systems into a coherent, harmonic mind. This process means we are using therapy to change the structure of the brain.

If changing the mind and the brain were easy your own efforts would have enabled you to make the changes you wanted and you would be on your way to a more successful life. Our treatment paradigm maximizes the mind’s ability to change the structure [neuroplasticity] of the brain. Our specialty is empowering our patient’s ability to access the neuroplastic potential of their brains.

This therapeutic approach requires the active involvement of both the therapist and the patient. It is hard work. At the end of the session patients feel a sense of liberation and new energy from the process of reducing the constraints, and yet tired from the work involved. The therapist and patient will discuss what ‘homework’ would help facilitate further activation of new learning and new experiences to deepen and strengthen the new neural circuits [neuroplasticity]

We work with positive brain system activations that provide more energy to override the inertia and discomfort of changing the balance within the brain. We attend to the changes that are happening in the present moment so there are results before the end of the first session. It is a kind of psychotherapy that goes straight to the heart both literally and metaphorically.

At the end of the therapy you will be able to have response flexibility. This means that you will be able to be mindfully aware of your own internal experiences [emotions, desires] so that you can intervene internally and respond to each life situation in a new, unique and contingent way instead of the same old behaviors and reactions that bring pain in your life. In learning how to be attuned to yourself and others around you, you will achieve a deep kind of emotional intelligence. The quality of your relationships will improve. You will continue growing and changing even after you have completed therapy.