Patient Testimonials

This style of therapy is more impactful than anything I have experienced before. Other psychotherapy models effectively brought past experiences into consciousness so I could understand them but I felt as though I kept recycling through the same patterns albeit at higher levels. While I got a lot of interesting and useful insights, it took me a long time to identify and change my unconscious behaviors. This new type of work connects me to my experience in the present moment forcing me out of reliving the story from the past. It enables me to go straight to the heart of the ‘reality of the moment’ rather than my ‘interpretation of the past’

I am getting conscious awareness of my unconscious patterns in advance of repeating them and I am able to make conscious choices about what response I want to make. In the past, I was unconsciously run by my reactive patterns because I didn’t realize I had repeated them–yet again–until after the fact. It feels like I am re-wiring outdated circuitry within myself. Beatriz guides the session to the edges of my consciousness and expertly leads me to unknown territory. Beatriz is the only person who has been able to meet and match my full power enough to lead me to this depth. She is role model of a Diva who powerfully holds dynamic tension as well as a safe loving space. I feel lighter, freer and hopeful about the future.


Through the work with Beatriz Winstanley I have grown the abilities to live a joyful life.

In our work together I learned the skills to observe my unruly mind and have consequently developed personal agency over it. With Beatriz’ guidance I built the internal mechanisms necessary to receive life, joy and love and defeat my fears which blocked such fullness. We grew my effectiveness in choice; the facility to choose what I want over old programming of ‘shoulds’ and ‘donts’, so that I now have the freedom to create my own existence with my own intelligence.

This work was extraordinary and always productive. The Therapy is dynamic and results-orientated with Beatriz’s delivery of it being highly skillful, of deep compassion and great strength.

With rich gratitude for your knowledge and care Beatriz,



What has helped the most is becoming vulnerable, and opening up myself, and letting people see me for who I am. Getting in touch with my feelings, and being able to feel my anger, sadness, stress, whatever, they were all the same feeling [in the past]. Now I can differentiate between what I am feeling. It feels so much better to be on solid ground emotionally. Then I can help. I have learned to always question my own feelings, I used to give advice based on what I thought was right rather than based on what I was feeling or what my daughter was feeling.

I really appreciate all the help you have given me. I cannot thank you enough. [tears] I did not expect this when I came here, but it has really been beneficial. You have changed my life.


Glorious Beatriz:

I am standing in my power, as I’ve never done before my therapy with you.

Standing in my power, neutrality, centeredness and action without being overwhelmed by the shame and guilt that always robbed me of owning my power. No tears, no histrionics just me in my own authority!!!! I can act on my power and each time I do this it gets better and less strange.

I always think of our work together and I thank goodness that you exist.

I can have friends now; I can expose myself in all my beauty and be able to receive love, joy and passion in my life.

I look forward to a beautiful life. Thank you.



What has changed the most is my ability not just to stop and to be present with the situation, but to see at a deeper level what is going on, and to just be more myself and even not have to understand it, and not have to control it.

Friday night, my wife got really angry with me for being sick. and for going to bed at 7 pm. I had had the flu for about 3 weeks. It sounds silly, she was just saying ‘I want time with you.’ My natural response six months ago would have been to fly off and to say, ‘are you kidding me, this is ridiculous!’ But, Instead I just kind of sat and just let her be, and listened. It was amazing to be present like that, and listen. There were some deeper thoughts, not just what is going on right now, but what am I feeling and what do I think she was feeling. And how can I support and love her. She said things that really hurt me when she was angry at me. That is really hard to hear. Right now I feel it too, [cries], but I think the tears is really more compassion for her.



Before our work together I was so defended against positive feelings – I can’t tell you what a change it has been in my life to have access to joy! I smile so much more. I have deep appreciation for your help, and I think everyone I am in contact with would too if they knew your role in it. I am a happier, warmer person all around. I didn’t even know I was cut off from loving, happy feelings until you showed me. I am still amazed that that is true! Again, I don’t know how to say what it means to me to have had this whole other side of my being revealed. Thank you.